New updates and improvements to Octarine.

June 8th, 2024

Mathematical Formulae (Alpha)

  • Added basic support for rendering math formulae in the editor

  • Equations need to be written between two $ signs.

  • Fixed a bug where backslashes were added to the markdown when typing text inside [brackets].

June 3rd, 2024


  • Read Only editor versions now support tags.
  • Renaming a file does no longer throw an error when the case is changed.
  • Reduced border between doclinks list and create list.
  • Fixed a bug where pressing enter right after a tag, would replace it with a Header 1.
  • Removed ability to create Header by the <hash><return> combination.


  • Pressing Enter inside a table, creates rows below it.
  • Column and Row controls are hidden unless the table is hovered/focused.
  • Fixed Shift + Enter in a cell not allowing break lines.
  • Fixed Table cells not respecting single line schema.
  • Added cell selections and background color when selected.
May 24th, 2024

Create new notes from the Doclinks command


  • Two new options have been added to the [[ command list
    • Create new note at root of the workspace based on the input if it doesn’t exist.
    • Create new note inside the current folder based on the input if it doesn’t exist.
  • This creates a note and automatically links it to the current note.
  • If the current note is at the root of the workspace, then the in this folder option is not available, and if the note exists in both places, then neither option is available.

Tags in Graph View


  • Notes that are tagged using # now show up in the graph view with a yellow node color.
  • Clicking on them opens the search sidebar with the tag pre-filled.


  • Experimental forces change to the Graph to allow spacing between the nodes, and smoother interactions.
  • Fixed a bug where creating a new daily note would show created 54 years ago in the created meta information.
  • Matched text is now highlighted inside the [[ command list based on the input.
  • The [[ list no longer shows all files and attachments without an input. Filter is capped at showing 5 items, so you can get to what you need quick.
  • Improved the code around saving notes to file to take up less operations, and make the app a bit more performant.
May 15th, 2024


  • Fixed an issue where more than 2 tags in one line, would hide the tag rendering.
  • Allow tags to have hyphen in them. Eg: product-update is now a valid tag
May 12th, 2024


  • Fixed a bug where non-english characters could not be part of the tag.
  • Fixed cursor overlapping with the first character of a heading.
  • Fixed an issue where # and [[ inside codeblocks would link the note or create a tag.
May 12th, 2024

Tags are finally here!

Huge update, and the app now supports tagging as a mode of organising!


  • Start organising your notes with tags by pressing # and typing text.
  • Tags can be nested using the / operator. For example #product/update
  • Tags are created in real time, so pressing Space / Enter / moving out of the file would create them. Unused tags will be removed to keep things clean.
  • Clicking on tags in the note or via the Tag Tree in the Meta Sidebar, opens the workspace search with the tag prefilled.
  • Clicking on a tag result in the search, would take you to the file, and highlight the tag for a brief moment (2 secs).

Meta Sidebar Changes

  • The meta sidebar button has been moved from the note’s breadcrumb to the Global Breadcrumb (to make it accessible everywhere).
  • 3 sections are made available in the sidebar
    • Info - Note details (created / modified / word count / outgoing and incoming links)
    • Outline - Table of Contents for the note
    • Tags - This is not just for the note, but serves as a file tree for across the workspace.
  • Info / Outline are disabled when no note is open.


  • Fixed a bug where / command would not scroll down when pressing down arrow keys.
  • Fixed a bug where the search term would randomly expand the sidebar in workspace search.
  • Fixed links in search not being wrapped properly to the next line.
  • Delete actions in Context Menu / Dropdowns are red to signify danger.
  • Fix keyboard controls in workspace search.
May 8th, 2024

Zoom Controls

  • Allowed zooming in and out of the app to reach your comfort zone for text sizes.
  • Pressing Cmd + / Cmd - will zoom in and out respectively.
  • If the zoom is greater or less than 100, then an indicator is shown on the breadcrumb with the current zoom percentage
  • You can reset the zoom back to 100% by clicking on the percentage button


  • Added shortcut key references for Zoom, Linking notes to Keyboard Shortcuts.
  • Removed the keyboard shortcut display button from Search on the sidebar.
April 27th, 2024

Daily Desk Task tally

  • A neat little task tally counter has been added to Daily Desk notes
  • Any task item created via the / command or by using [ ] counts toward the tally.


  • Added a setting button at the bottom of the sidebar, when it’s collapsed.
  • Closing command bar will focus back to the editor if it was open.
  • Sync icon for configured is different from when not configured.
  • Bring back backdrop-blur when the command bar is open.
April 21st, 2024


  • Fixed natural language date input not working in Cmd + K
  • Format daily desk notes in [[ to have readable dates for better searching.
  • Fix Match case and Match word filters not working for Workspace Search
  • Fix the sort order for recently viewed notes in Cmd + P
  • Format the results in Workspace search from Daily Desk and Templates to have distinct icons in front of them.
  • Daily desk results in Workspace search, have the date formatted to be more readable.
  • Fix in file search not being cleared when moving between files, causing last searched terms to be highlighted when the search is empty.
April 14th, 2024


  • Selecting a text and pressing Cmd + Shift + F to open workspace search, auto populates and searches for the selected text.
  • Improved styling for workspace search header, hiding the Workspace switcher, and adding a clear Close button.
April 13th, 2024

Workspace Search

So a few months back, search had been redesigned to have it’s own separate page, filters were added and performance for improved. All good things, but somehow it still felt disjointed and seemed to break workflows, so it’s now gone through another redesign, which I believe makes it far easier to use than before

  • Search is now present in the sidebar, and accessible right beside your notes.
  • Quickly move between results, without the need of context switches.
  • Match case and Match whole word filters are now present in the search box, rather than separate buttons.
  • Each file result, can be collapsed, so you only see what you care about.


  • Link container now has a copy button to copy the link to clipboard.

  • Copy link and Copy code now have success toasts shown post copy.

  • When using the command bar to open a note ( Cmd + P ), the recently viewed notes are at the very top.

  • Selecting a text and pressing Cmd + F in the editor, auto populates the text in the search box.

  • An icon is made available in the calendar to access Go to date functionality for human friendly date navigation.

  • Search results now omit the text inside image links.

  • Dragging a note to move it to a folder now opens the folder as you drag over it!


  • Fixed Cmd + D for opening the Go to Date command not working when the editor is focused.
  • Fix images/videos overflowing from the container in the Attachments popover.
  • Add shortcut key for highlighting text in the Keyboard Shortcuts.
  • Reduced size of the Help button.
April 6th, 2024


  • Templates can now have DocLinks attached to them. Add a doc link using [[ to any template, and when you insert the template, the file will be auto linked.
  • Hovering over the created and updated time in the meta sidebar, shows the exact time in a tooltip.
  • Increased size of toggle switches.
  • Auto closing brackets are applied when pressing ( or {


  • Fixed Cmd + P not opening the note switcher when the editor was focused.
  • Fixed names in note switcher to not have .md and the correct folder paths.
  • Fixed a bug where deleted files would show up as a blank line item in recently viewed.
March 15th, 2024

Rebuilt the Graph View

A ground up rewrite of the graph view, to be more performant and with new features

  • Pinch in/out on your trackpad, or scroll up and down with your scroller to zoom in/out the graph.
  • Zooming in reveals the file names for readability.
  • Hovering over nodes, now highlights the links.
  • Source nodes are brighter (dark themes) / darker (light theme) to distinguish from other nodes.


  • Links/Code inside a task item have reduced opacity when the task is checked off.
  • Fixed Meta Sidebar width being broken.
  • / command has separators and consistent icons.
March 10th, 2024

Search Improvements

  • New filter Only in Daily Desk to find results only in your daily notes.

  • Searched terms are now saved in and shown in Recently Searched on an empty search page for quick access to repeated searched terms.


  • Left sidebar expanding/collapsing is smoother.
  • Cmd + P open note functionality now has folder names as subtitles.
  • Month is Calendar is now in the full format i.e March instead of Mar
  • In Graph, nodes of daily desk, now have better formatted date values i.e Sunday, November 22 2023
  • In app changelog is now a dialog instead of a page. On every new app update, it’ll popup once on app load to show you what’s new!
February 28th, 2024

New look for Pinned Notes

  • Pinned notes now show up the file tree instead of requiring you to go to completely different page.
  • They are stickied at the top for easier access
  • You can unpin them, by hovering over them and press the X
  • Pinning notes can now be achieved not only be the existing context menu (right click over note in file tree), the command bar, but also via the Breadcrumb options ( on the top-right)


  • Fix shadow showing up for no background keyboard shortcuts.
  • Removed the Pinned menu button.
  • Currently viewing note name is shown in the Move to Different Folder command menu function.
  • Fix table controls overlaying on dropdowns.
  • Fix Graph and Sidebar icons in command menu.
  • Removed Root being shown under notes in Recently Viewed
February 25th, 2024

Highlight, Quote and a fresh new Menu design

  • The Bubble Menu (the one that comes up when you select some text in a note) has been given a UI facelift.

  • Added option to Highlight text. Select any text, and either press the Highlight icon or press Cmd + Shift + H

    • Coupled with this is a setting to choose one of 6 colors for highlighting text.
  • Added the option to quickly create a blockquote from selected text.

Settings Redesign

  • Settings is now a dedicated page instead of a dialog that opens up.
  • Moved the Settings button from the left sidebar, to be under the Workspace Switcher (Click on the workspace name on the top-left)
  • Cmd + comma still remains the shortcut to access settings, as well via the Cmd + K bar.
  • Pressing Escape on the settings page, now takes you to the last viewed page.

Extra Redesigns

  • Workspace switcher now shows a small dot with the workspace’s chosen color for clarity.
  • Reduced input sizes for workspace creation.
  • When pressing Cmd + K on an existing note, it shows the note’s name as a chip at the top.
  • Fixed scrolls across the app to not be visible at all times, and to be less annoying.
  • Increased the length of the link container. (shown when clicking a link)
February 8th, 2024



  • Codeblocks now have line numbers shown against them.
  • A new setting has been made available in Settings → Editor if you prefer to toggle this off.


  • Notes Filetree has now sorting options, to sort via Name / Created Time / Modified Time in ascending or descending fashion.
  • These values are stored for each workspace, and can be unique across your workspaces.


  • In App Changelog is now available. Clicking on Changelog in the Help menu or CMD+K takes you to an all new changelog page, where you can check all the previous release notes.
  • A subtle purple indicator is shown on the Help popover after a new release to showcase the changes.
  • Disable deleting of Image/Video in Read Only mode (when hovering over [[wikilinked]] notes)
  • Hide scrollbar for / command and [[ command.
  • New Graph Icon!
January 27th, 2024

Find and Replace text inside a note

  • In File search now has a toggle to Find and Replace.

  • Can be triggered directly using F inside a note. If the replace input is focused, pressing Enter will replace the current highlighted result, while ⌘ Enter will replace all matches with the term.

Filters for Global and InFile Search

  • Both Global and InFile search have 2 additional filters made available
    • Match Case - If you want the search to honor case sensitivity.
    • Match Whole word - If you want the search to not look for partial matches.

Templates Quick View

When inserting a template from the / command, you can see a quick preview of the template, so you don’t have to memorise what is going to be inserted in.

January 24th, 2024


  • Replaced toast messages with a subtle Syncing text in Global Breadcrumb when GitSync is taking place


  • Fixed Deleting Workspace leading to stale data being present in config as well as errors leading to non-usage of the application.
January 18th, 2024


  • Fixed Infile search breaking when typing [
  • Fixed Infile search position overlaying on meta sidebar.
January 17th, 2024

Screenshot 2024-01-17 at 21.28.14.png


  • Added a Sync Now button in Settings → Git Sync to force sync changes.
  • Changed the layout slightly for better readability.


  • Fixed a bug where if the sync ran into errors, and you turn auto sync back on, and the next run is successful, the error would not disappear.
January 15th, 2024

The gang releases the GitSync Beta!

This one has been in the oven for far too long, and I’m excited to present it to you all!

Screenshot 2024-01-15 at 08.56.19.png


  • A new settings option called Git Sync has been made available for all.
  • You can enter your git repository details Github/Gitlab and Octarine will periodically backup your files to it.
  • Cloud Icon on the top-right to show Last Sync Time

Read through the documentation once before you get started on it. Some knowledge of git is appreciated, but not mandatory.

P.S It is recommended that you take a quick local backup of your workspace, before you do this. I don’t see any issues where data would be lost, but a backup won’t hurt.

January 4th, 2024


  • Improved Global Search algorithm, so that it does not suck anymore. Improved it to not miss any files and be a tad bit faster.
  • Removed .md from Insert Template templates.


  • Fixed a bug where typing [[ or (( inside Global Search would make the app crash.
  • Fixed a bug where switching a workspace while a file was open would sometimes make the app crash.
January 4th, 2024


  • Fixed a bug that would keep the page in limbo if a new file created inside a folder was deleted.
  • Fixed backlinks not being removed when a doc link was removed from a file.
  • Fixed an issue where switching quickly between heavy pages would sometimes copy the previous notes contents into the new one.
  • Fixed colors for dropdown hovers on light mode.
  • Fixed keyboard shortcut design for Help Popover.


  • Better except messages in console, sentry.
January 3rd, 2024


  • Fixed a bug that caused new users to not be able to start the app at all.
December 28th, 2023


  • Added Sentry for Error Tracing
December 23rd, 2023

Natural Language Date Parsing


  • Command Bar now contains a Go to Date ( ⌘ + D ) that allows you to go to any date inside Daily Desk using natural language. Some examples below:
    • dec 21
    • 5 March, 2023
    • two days from now
    • 3 weeks ago
    • tomorrow / yesterday / today

Recently Viewed


  • Quick access the last 10 viewed files across Notes / Templates / Pinned / Daily Desk
  • Accessible via the icon on the top-left, via ⌘ + Y or the Command Bar (search for Recently Viewed)
  • Keyboard Accessible ( Up/Down arrows to navigate, Enter to go to file)


  • DocLink and Meta now show a formatted date for Daily Desk Links
  • Shortcut displays style improved.
  • Remove New tag from Graph View. Renamed to Graph and fixed icon stroke.
  • Removed hovering on graph view reducing the opacity of the rest.
December 17th, 2023


  • Hovering over a doc link, now shows a read-only version of the note.


  • Improved color of scrollbars.
December 16th, 2023



  • Notes Meta now have a new Outline section to show all headers for quick access.
  • Added a collapse/expand button for Outgoing, Incoming and Outline sections.


  • Fixed scrollbar overlaying on the Keyboard Shortcuts drawer.
December 5th, 2023



  • Changed the calculating function for migrating Incomplete tasks. Instead of just looking at yesterday’s file, it now checks for the latest daily desk note from the last 7 days, and allows you to migrate undone tasks from there.
    • Eg: You have tasks lined up on Friday, that you missed, and come back to Octarine after a well rested weekend on Monday. The app now will detect Friday’s task as the incomplete ones and show you the button to migrate.
  • Migrate button shows date from which the incomplete tasks will be moved.
  • Added a Reload Octarine button in the ? dropdown (for the cases where Octarine misbehaves, and a reload fixes it)
December 4th, 2023


  • Attachments Popover now previews image/video on hover.
  • Fixed svg files not pasting in the editor
  • Fixed uppercase extensions like .PNG not pasting in the editor.
  • Make Remove Image button visible at all times.
  • [Linux (Alpha)] - Fix Daily Desk not saving correctly.
November 30th, 2023


  • Fixed File name being truncated way too early in both Breadcrumb and Editor
  • Filtering doclinks in [[ considers entire path in query, so you can search via folder names as well.
  • Added an option in Settings → Editor to turn off line through for completed todos for better readibility.
  • Reduced size of line through from 2px to 1px.
November 26th, 2023

Graph View 🌐

Visualise all your notes and their connections (via doclinks) in a pretty graph!

  • Access via the sidebar, or the Command K bar
  • Change colors of the nodes via the available select box.

That’s it! Pretty neat though

November 24th, 2023


  • Fixed an issue with config that caused template files to not be readable.
  • Fixed creating a new note inside a folder using the context menu, not highlighting in the file tree.
  • Fixed navigating to a file via Cmd + P not auto scrolling the file tree to its position.
November 22nd, 2023

Improvements & Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where pasting anything inside a codeblock causing html to pasted  (weird, but seemed like a library upstream issue)
  • Fixed inserting a doc-link causing the cursor to be shifted to end of line momentarily
  • Backspacing on a doc link, now goes to [[ so you can replace, rather than complete delete.
  • Shrinked table cell sizes.
  • Disable BubbleMenu from occuring when doc link is selected
November 10th, 2023

Improvements to DocLinks

  • Renaming/Moving a file will now automatically fix the backlinked notes to have the updated names, so there are no broken links!

  • Added new icons for sidebar open/collapse
  • Fix Workspace switcher not closing on switching a workspace
  • Fix meta sidebar links not updating when the markdown is wiped clean.
November 3rd, 2023


  • Fixed app icon size - It was larger than all the other apps in the dock
  • Linked notes information in Meta now has a 2 line button with File and Folder Path on separate lines for better readibility.
  • Fixed Global Search redirect to Daily Desk note not working.


  • Upgraded to the latest tauri versions.
October 29th, 2023


  • Added Collapse All Expanded folders icon button to workspace notes file tree.
  • Opening a note via Cmd + K Cmd + P or doclinks, automatically expands all parent folders of the note.
October 27th, 2023


  • A small bug caused every paste to be without formatting in prod
October 27th, 2023


  • Fixed the codeblock causing width overflow issues (for good this time)
  • Added support for Copying and Pasting without formatting ( Cmd + Shift + C for copy, and Cmd + Shift + V for pasting)
  • Added support for pasting images from your clipboard.
October 26th, 2023

Fixes and Improvements

  • Fixed codeblocks causing overflow issues of the note pane.
  • Fixed / command not respecting collisions.
  • Fixed Daily note files not created having stale editor data of last viewed date.
  • Move incomplete tasks from Yesterday button has a small dismiss for now button to get it out of your way.
  • Move incomplete tasks from Yesterday automation no longer wipes existing content, it’ll place the tasks wherever the cursor is.
  • Increase minimum width and height of the app.
  • Add keyboard shortcut tooltips to Show Meta sidebar ( Cmd + / )
October 25th, 2023

Introducing Doc Links!

  • Easily create links between two notes by using the [[ command, and selecting an existing note.

  • Doclinks are visually distinct from regular links, however they follow a very familiar markdown format of [[File Name]] or [[Folder Name/File Name]]

  • Each note is carefully monitored to check for updates to workspace to ensure Broken Links (when files get deleted, or renamed) to be shown appropriately (they become yellow with one-click ability to create them in the same place they existed before)

A new sidebar appears!

What’s better than one sidebar, TWO SIDEBARS!


  • Each note has a meta sidebar associated with it, that has some stats about the note in it

    • Created/Updated dates
    • Word Count and Reading Time (approx.)
    • Incoming and Outgoing doclinks for quick access!

Another theme to the collection!

Was the Dark theme too dark and pretty to look at, so you wouldn’t concentrate on writing? I know, so we hit a middle ground, that is still just as pretty but slightly lighter! Introducing Dim

  • Available in Settings → Preferences
  • As well as in the Cmd + K bar. Search for Dim


Fixes and Improvements

  • Folders in sidebar now have a number written against them that states how many notes exist inside this folder. Each number is a rollup of all notes inside each of their children folders as well.
  • Fixed In file search not being stickied to the top.
  • Fixed Deleting from Breadcrumb dropdown not working
  • Fixed lag when opening delete note modal.
  • Improved time to understand if daily note has been created to instant.
October 3rd, 2023


  • Fix / command not filtering based on the text written
  • Fix clicking outside after renaming a file in the breadcrumb, not saving the change.
  • Added Rename , Duplicate and Open in Default App options to Templates Context menu (the thing that pops up when you right click on a template in the file tree)
  • Fix the Sidebar Resizing bar overlaying on an open context menu.
  • Added Go to Templates ( g then t) to Command K.
  • Replace the + button in templates with + New Template
  • Fixed Deleting an actively viewing template, not resetting to another template.
October 1st, 2023

Introducing Templates!

Now you can save even more time on those mundane tasks of the day, by creating a template, and having it inserted into any page in 2 strokes!

  • Each workspace (old and new) will have 2 default templates created (Standup and Gratitude) as a starting point.
  • To insert a template, hit / in the editor, and select the Insert Template option.
  • This lists down all available templates in the workspace, and selecting instantly adds them in!
  • As with every note in the app, the templates are based on markdown, so you still own them!


  • Fix sidebar not collapsing properly when the window size is resized.
  • Removed dev tools from prod (Oops! had left them in accidentally in the last release) - Doesn’t mean anything, but inspect element was available, which isn’t ideal.
September 26th, 2023

Table Support!

  • Added support for tables to the editor
  • Available in / command as Table. Spawns a 3×3 table
  • Hovering on a cell gives you buttons to insert/delete rows or columns or the entire table!


  • Using the Reveal in Finder option via the Command Bar or the Context Menu (by right clicking the file) or via the dropdown in the breadcrumb of the current file (the top bar that has the file name) highlights the file in the finder so you don’t need to worry about what’s happening

    • Sidenote - We have a loooot of ways to go to the finder apparently
  • Fixed images not loading when pasting html from different sites (when you copy paste an article of that favourite recipe of lasagne)
September 20th, 2023


  • Fix bug when deleting workspace would result in an error.
  • Fix post deletion workspace to close the settings modal.
  • Experimental pointer events removal from editor.
  • Fix DOM related bugs.
September 14th, 2023

Move Incomplete Tasks to Today

  • Any incomplete todos from yesterday in Daily Desk, can now be moved to Today on one-click!
    • On a fresh today page, we’ll check if yesterday had any incomplete tasks (tasks can be created from the / menu or using [] )
    • A button is shown on the top-right that will move all incomplete tasks from yesterday over to today (they will be removed from yesterday’s page as well)


  • Added a trailing paragraph at the end of the page if it ends in image or video for easily being able to click and type.
  • Added Remove buttons on image and video for quick removals.
  • Videos don’t autoplay now, so you have more control.
September 12th, 2023


  • Fix the default state for sidebar not being open
September 12th, 2023

The Small Wins patch!


  • Added Space Mono font for Editor and Interface.


  • Fix collapsed sidebar glitching out when the window was reduced.
  • Fix lagging behaviour when resizing the sidebar
  • Ignore node_modules folder when opening a workspace (those are usually packages without markdown files for javascript projects, and accidentally opening a folder with it, shouldn’t cause the app to crash due to the immense amount of files/folders)
  • Fix Resizing Sidebar bar not appearing when a note was open.
  • Fix FileName Input inside Editor not being aligned with Editor on smaller windows.
  • Show Today icon on Calendar if the current selected day is not today.
  • Fix Today icon not showing if the month is the same, irrespective of year. (oops!)
  • Add shortcuts for Going to Previous and Next Day in Daily Desk Cmd + [ and Cmd + ] respectively.
  • Add shortcuts for Going back and forward in History in Notes Cmd + [ and Cmd + ] respectively.
  • Add Today’s Note to Cmd + K centre.
  • Fix scrollbar appearing for a blank or small note.
  • Improve filtering experience in Keyboard Shortcuts Drawer
    • Highlight the query in the text
    • Only show the required shortcuts and not the entire section during search
  • Add support for Home and End buttons to navigate to Start of Line and End of Line respectively.
September 10th, 2023

In Editor File Renaming

  • Added optional input at the top of the editor, that acts as a file renamer. Can be toggled off from Settings → Editor → Show File Name Input
  • Autofocuses when you create a new document, so you can quickly change without mouse usage.


  • Fixed search not highlighting the first match in orange without pressing enter
  • Add darker shades of violet for the toggle and calendar selected colors for light theme.
  • Improve dot color in Calendar to be more visible when day is selected.
  • Fix Toggle Switch off visuals for light theme
  • Fix the Shortcut in Keyboard Shortcuts drawer for Strikethrough (its Cmd + Shift + S


  • Increase the timeout to check for a new update to 2 hours.
September 2nd, 2023

LinkEdits - v0.5.7.png


  • Pasted or written links can now be edited/removed by clicking on them, typing a different input and pressing Enter. If the input is left empty, then the link is removed.
  • Replace click to follow link with Cmd + Click


  • Fixed BubbleMenu not highlighting codeblock properly.
  • Added colors to gap cursors after image/video.
  • Added support for [Text](link) Markdown link syntax.
  • Added Image/Video to Slash Command (/).
  • Improved colors for scrollbars.
  • Reduce font size for Cmd + K bar items.
  • Changed colors of active items for Bubble Menu.
  • Removed BubbleMenu from showing on Images , inside Codeblock or on Videos
August 30th, 2023

Editor Improvements

  • Add Divider mark to the editor. Can be accessed by —- or the slash command.
  • Improve spacing between paragraphs.
  • Added typography to the editor. (it makes some of the usual things sleek to look at, like arrows, superscripts, ellipsis and more)
  • Improved styling for blockquotes.


  • Added a fix for the Toggle title not being visible in light mode.
  • Added a header for the Delete Workspace setting in Settings → Danger.
  • Improved colors for settings


  • Added an on the go migration script, so that newer settings are correctly applied to existing  older workspaces. (Just adds missing settings, no existing setting values are touched)
  • Added staging environment for prod testing.
August 27th, 2023


  • [[ Attachment Command shows preview of images or videos so there’s less confusion when you want to attach anything.
  • A toggle has been provided in Settings -> Editor, if you wish to not have the preview feature.


  • Fix attachments not being filtered correctly in the command while typing.
  • Add extra margin to the top of the document to fix an issue with extremely long texts.
  • Store the last viewed file - Daily/Notes/Pinned and redirect to it, the next time you open the app, so the flow isn’t lost.
  • Store the window state (size, position), and restore it on the next launch.
  • Clean up Keyboard Shortcuts drawer.
August 23th, 2023

Syntax Highlighting - v0.5.4.png


  • Added syntax highlighting to code blocks.
  • Added a select box inside each code block to manually select the language, if auto doesn’t cut it.
  • A small copy button to copy the code block.

That’s it!

August 21th, 2023

Existing Workspaces - v0.5.3 (1).png


  • Added a toggle in the Create Workspace screen to allow using an existing directory as a workspace as opposed to creating a folder inside it. Use it to migrate your existing markdown documents from other editors!
  • When a workspace folder is deleted from the filesystem, a dialog is shown stating that the folder is no longer present, and we’ll wipe all settings related to it.


  • Fix an issue where renaming the file to be the same, would show the error border.
  • Improve styling of scrollbars across the app.
  • Fix Cmd + P to access file navigator not working when the editor is focused.
  • Add Discord link to help popover.
  • Deleting a workspace, just deletes Octarine related details and settings, but not the actual notes and folders from the filesystem. Your notes are yours, and not ours to delete :)
August 19th, 2023

Move Files around

  • Dragging a file around to a folder, moves it there.
  • If the folder already has a similar named file, the dragged file will have _{number} attached to it, so there aren’t any conflicts. This means that if Reports exists in a folder, and you drag another file named Reports there, the dragged file will be named as Reports_1 inside the new folder, with 1 being incremented when there’s more duplicates.
  • You can move files around inside Cmd K as well in the Move to Different Folder action.


  • Octarine package size has been reduced by > 50% from 15MB to 6MB 🎉
  • Show the workspace file list when on the Search route.
August 15th, 2023

Bubble Menu - v0.5.1.png


  • Highlighting words/sentences, will now show a Bubble Menu to change styles as well as to show what the current style for the word is.
  • Added 3 more commands to / - Add current date, current time or current date & time.
August 15th, 2023

Oh this ones a banger! This might be one of the biggest updates to Octarine, and its packed!

Command + K

CMDK - v0.5.0.png

  • All notable actions are now available at a quick keyboard tap of  K
  • Actions are separated by sections - Notes, Workspaces, App, and also context awareness. What this means is if you are looking at a note, actions related to that note - Duplicate/Pin/Delete are shown first.
  • Open Notes action ( ⌘ P ) has been moved to within the command bar, but is still accessible via the shortcut
  • The Search in Command Bar has been removed (see below)

Dedicated Search

Search - v0.5.0.png

  • There’s a dedicated search page now, instead of the command bar for it, since it felt underwhelming and lagging in cases for that.
  • Shortcut remains the same ⌘ + Shift + F .
  • Search is now divided per file, with each file path being the header with its count, so its easier to grasp, rather than everything being listed flatly.
  • Changed marking of highlighted/searched term from purple text to yellow background, so its clear.
  • Improved performance.

Context Aware Creations

  • Clicking the New Note/Folder buttons or using the shortcuts, now creates the new note/folder in the current selected file. What this means is if you are in a Folder named Release Notes writing v1 note, and you press ⌘ + N we’ll create a new note inside Release Notes instead of at the root of the workspace.
  • When navigating the sidebar using arrow keys, and you are at at folder (even if closed/collapsed), and press the shortcut, we’ll create a new note/folder inside that folder and expand it.


  • Added a Confirmation Dialog when deleting a file/folder
  • Fixed an issue where pinned files where not reflecting the latest name if the original had been renamed.
August 10th, 2023


  • Added common shortcuts to splash screen in notes.
  • Added Changelog, Issue Reporting links in Help popover.
  • Improve border and background legibility for task items.


  • Global search was considering the attachments for string comparisons, heavily slowly down the search. Fixed to ignore that folder.
August 5th, 2023


  • All new onboarding and prep for Early Access.


  • Add a minimum height to the editor, so there’s extra space at the bottom.
  • Added backdrop blurs for the command bars.
  • Improved performance of text search.
  • Fix infile search highlighting when routed from global search to a file
August 4th, 2023


  • Auto highlight the first match for in-file search (previously required a Enter and would highlight the second)
  • Fix matched counts not resetting when the query is changed.
August 2nd, 2023


  • Added the Hard Break plugin. Pressing Shift + Enter does a hard break (its just a bigger persistent line break)
  • Improve focusing of the next line after using [[ to add attachments.
  • Auto collapse the sidebar when the window width is shrinked to 768px.
  • ⌘ + Shift + D shortcut to toggle sidebar open/hide.
July 31st, 2023

Screenshot 2023-08-06 at 5.40.02


  • Added more options button to each note, that gives the same options as the context menu (when you right click on the file in the sidebar)
  • Daily notes that have not been created, will not have the option button shown, once you start typing - It’ll be made visible.
  • Add Editor settings


  • Move the Inter font to be self hosted, rather than from a CDN.
  • Remove the New tag from Settings on the sidebar.
July 30th, 2023


  • Reduces the size of text inside a code block.
July 30th, 2023

Refresh Settings (1) - v0.4.6.png


  • Gave the settings a much needed face lift, and more options.
  • Changed name from Preferences to Settings in the sidebar
  • Improved drop cursor color (the line you see, when you are moving or dropping an image/video) to be accessible.


  • Fix an issue, where switching to a new workspace, and immediately clicking new note, would not switch to the new note, and keep you in limbo.
  • Removed Daily Note results from File Search command bar.
July 28th 2023

You could previously drag and drop images and videos from the Attachments popover on the sidebar, but we don’t like using our mouse all the time for such silly things!


  • Type [[ to open a popover to quickly add attachments. It’s like / (Quick Actions) for Attachments. Quick Attachments (pending trademark)
  • Add a up-down chevron icon on the Workspace button for better visibility.


  • Fix the colors for the attachment popover.
  • Remove user select text from all elements apart from input, since it was resulting in accidental selects.
July 27th 2023

Fuck. The previous experiment didn’t work as well.

Well it’s what they say, third times a charm. Please.

July 27th 2023

Weeeeeelllll, that didn’t work. Adding an experimental stream CSP for videos, since images render fine, but streams don’t.

July 27th 2023

Update the CSP headers so that media files work properly in production. (Dev env didn’t care about this, so went under the radar)

July 26th 2023


  • Refresh the internal store on every image paste, so we always have the latest data.
  • Fix the drag from attachments popover, not writing the correct source inside [[ in the markdown output.
  • Change New File and New Folder icons.


  • Fix video drag issue.
July 23th 2023

Image Support - v0.4.0.png


  • Added image support ( .jpg, .png , .gif) to be dragged onto the note from the file system.
  • Added video support ( .mov , .mp4 ) to be dragged onto the note from the file system.
  • Dragged images/videos are stored in the .attachments folder in the workspace (is hidden in finder by default)
  • Added attachments default button in the sidebar, that opens a popover showing the list of attachments available in the workspace. Each item from here can be dragged onto the note for using the image/video.
  • These images/videos are stored in markdown as [[image name.extension]] so they may not be useful outside the context of Octarine.


  • Moved to a more performant lib to convert editor state to markdown and back.
  • Improved performance for extremely large blocks of text (think 200k words), but its still not butter smooth.
July 21th 2023


  • Add a new link color, remove decorations.
  • Fix cursor not showing at the start when its a task item.
  • Remove descriptions for slash command , improve colors.
  • Fix workspace file tree buttons looking jaded in light mode (It was a brightness issue)
  • Remove Andromeda theme (for now, till I figure out proper colors that match)
  • Fix dragging and using the resizable scroll for sidebar, selecting the entire app.
  • Disable resizable scroll when its Daily Desk, shrink calendar rows.
July 20th 2023

Improved In File Search - v0.3.6.png


  • In file search now has 3 buttons:
    • Go to Next matched search ( Enter )
    • Go to Previous matched search ( Shift + Enter )
    • Hide Search ( Escape)

Improved in File Search (1) - v0.3.6.png

  • Improve highlighting logic, by separating out the colours. Faded color for matches, while amber is used for the current rotating match.

  • Document will scroll automatically when the current selected match index, is out of the view frame.


  • Fix styling for task items.
July 18th 2023

Keyboard Shortcuts - v0.3.5.png


  • Added a static positioned button on the bottom right with the ? icon, acting as a help center
  • Added a Keyboard Shortcuts drawer to quickly know what the app supports
  • Help Dropdown to Check for Updates, Send Feedback, Access Keyboard Shortcuts, and version number.


  • Remove unnecessary padding from the Delete Workspace dialog.
July 17th 2023


  • Bring the focus back to the editor when the infile search is closed.
July 17th 2023

In File Search - v0.3.3.png


  • ⌘ + F inside a note, opens an in file search box on the top right
  • Matched count is shown as well as highlighting all matched text
  • ⌘ + P opens a file navigator command bar, to easily jump between your notes.
July 17th 2023

Fixes an issue where creating a new workspace would break due to the Search Command not having been configured properly.

My bad.

July 16th 2023


  • Editor now supports task items and task lists. Start by typing [] to create a task item
  • Added Search button on the sidebar to allow clicking to open Search Command bar.


  • Reduced time interval for checking for updates from 1 hour to 15 mins.
July 13th 2023

Global Text Search - v0.3.0.png


  • Now press ⌘ + Shift + F to open the search command bar. All files in the workspace (Normal and Daily) are considered.
The V0.2 and V0.1 changelogs were the foundation of the project, but too volatile, so I didn't write them down as separate feature sets!